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Let's let you in on a little secret! Campaigns (formerly called templates) are one of the best time-saving features that TinyTorch has to offer. 

Imagine that you have a series of posts that you schedule over and over. With TinyTorch Campaigns, you can set up this series of posts once, and then every time you schedule these posts you may do so with one click! Sha-zam!

Here's a quick YouTube video showing you how to schedule your first Campaign, your feel free to follow the steps below!


Now, here are the steps to create your first campaign!

Step 1
Log into your TinyTorch account and visit this link,

Step 2
Click on the blue, "Create Campaign" button

Step 3
Give the campaign a name, and either import posts from a collection, or start from scratch. Then, click on the pink "Create Campaign" button.

Step 4
Once you've created a campaign, if you didn't import your posts from a collection, you'll need to add posts now.

Click on the "+Add Post" text. You'll be able to import any post into your campaign. You may do this by:

  • Creating a new post and adding it
  • Importing a post from your library, or "My Posts" section
  • Add a post from the global community

Step 5
Click on an image, and a pop-up window will appear. In this window, you'll find a blue button with "+Collections" written on it. Click on this button, and you'll be able to add the post to one or multiple campaigns.

Step 6
Click on the "Campaigns" icon again, and then click on the link for your new Campaign. Your post will now show up there.

Be sure to select the day and time for your post to go out. 

*Special note: If you select "Day 1" or "Day 10", for example. That doesn't mean that the post will go out on the 1st or 10th day of any month. This means that your post will post will go out on the 1st or 10th day of when you select the campaign to start. So if your campaign starts on September 15th, the post marked as "Day 1" will go out on September 15th, and the post marked as "Day 10" will go out on September 25th.

Step 7
You can add as many posts as you desire for your Campaign. Once everything has been completed, then select "Schedule" and your posts will go out!

If you have any questions about this, please email us at and we'll be here to help you out! ;)

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