How to reset your Facebook connection with TinyTorch

Jon Bradshaw -

At times, you may need to completely reset your Facebook connection with TinyTorch. This is the equivalent on how to do a hard-reset, and may be important if some of your events, pages, or groups are missing.

Please complete the following process:

1) Visit this page

2) Locate the TinyTorch app that has the logo AND says "TinyTorch." If it just has the logo, that is for the old platform. This is what it will look like:

3) Click on the "X" next to the TinyTorch app. This will completely remove your TinyTorch connection with Facebook.

4) Now go back to TinyTorch and visit this page,, and click "remove" for all pages/profiles

5) Now, refresh the same page

6) Last, click on the pink "Add Social Account" button, and follow the instructions to add the pages and profiles that you would like to connect.

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