How to Post to a Facebook Group?

Jon Bradshaw -

TinyTorch makes scheduling posts to Facebook Groups a breeze!

Here is a brief video tutorial showing the process. And if you'd like a step-by-step list, please view that below.

Video Overview:

Step-by-step List:

1) To start, visit this page:

2) On the right-hand side of the page select the blue "Add Social Account" button

3) A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Group"

4) If this is your first time connecting, Facebook will give you three dialogue boxes. On the second box, make sure that "Public" is selected from the drop-down menu. Select "Okay" on all three Facebook permission boxes

5) Select the desired Facebook Group that you want to post to

6) Now visit the explore page,, and click on an image to share

7) A pop-up will appear with the image. On the bottom-right corner will be a pink share button, click on that

8) Select the social network that you want to post to immediately above the image

9) Once you have added a custom message you may chose to publish the post now, or schedule it for later. When you are ready, select the pink "Schedule" button

10) If you have done everything correctly, you may view your scheduled posts here:

11) Your post is scheduled to be published. Sit back and relax! We do the rest and publish the post exactly when you scheduled it. If you have any more questions please email us at

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