My posts aren't showing up on Facebook.

Jon Bradshaw -

There are a couple reasons this could be happening.  Here are the best common fixes:

1) Did you recently change your Facebook password?  

  • This will cause Facebook to disconnect from TinyTorch.
  • Make sure you re-click the Authorize Facebook button in an Edit & Share popup to make sure you are reconnected.

2) Has it been more than 60 days since you authorized Facebook?  

  • Facebook only allows us to save your authorization for 60 days.
  • As a safety precaution it is best to re-click the Authorize Facebook button every now and then to make sure you are still connected.

3) Do a test scheduled post:

  • Click on the Edit & Share button for a post you want to send.
  • Re-click the Authorize Facebook button (just to make sure your facebook is connected properly)
  • Select the page you want to send this to in the POST TO: field.
  • Schedule the post for 5 minutes from now and select your timezone.
  • Click add to queue and check to see if it appears on your scheduled post page.

If your post didn’t appear on the scheduled posts page, it is probably because you selected the wrong timezone.  If it does appear there, your posts will likely send because you re-authorized Facebook.

3) Check Your Timezone: Make sure that you are selecting the correct time zone for your post. Sometimes this gets missed and our system thinks you want to schedule in the past and this causes posts to fail.  After all, this isn’t back to the future ;)

4) Make sure you are an Admin or Attending your Event: Are you sure you are the admin of your event?  If not that is ok as long as the admin is allowing posts from other users and you are attending this event.

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    Gloria Beatrice DeSha

    My post have disappeared from my events on Facebook. And nothing new is posting.

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